About me

Hello! My name is Erik and I'm a Game Design Generalist from the suburbs of Stockholm.

I enjoy creating interactions between the player and the world. Creating systems that interact with each other and create emergent gameplay, as well as creating memorable moments for the player. I love thinking about the dynamic of having multiple players working towards a common goal.

I have a very analytical approach to solving problems, which has led me down the path of exploring almost every aspect of game development. Since the whole is greater than the sum of its parts, I've wanted to delve into all connected areas to understand how it all comes together.

I enjoy games of all kinds, high intensity games like Battlerite, strategic games like Advance Wars, serene games like Stardew Valley, or a good co-op experience like Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles or A Way Out. When it comes to competitive games, I have always strived to improve as a player, and have managed to reach the top 3% of the player base in League of Legends, Battlerite and Bloodline Champions.

When it comes to literature, I am almost strictly into fantasy, there are edgecases, but for the most part I enjoy authors like Patrick J. Rothfuss and William Nicholson.

Outside of playing games and reading, I enjoy watching breakdowns of anything from game related things, to physics, psychology, or any creative process, no matter the medium.